The Language of Flowers is a tradition that dates back to over 200 years and became ever so popular when Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837 and developed a fascination for their meanings. Each flower offers specific meaning and their colours add another layer to their expressed sentiment. We opted to use the positive meanings and offer some new, creative interpretations where none exist.

Listed below are a some of the more popular blooms and their Floral Sentiment:

Agapanthus - Flower of love
Allium - Unity, Humility, Patience, Prosperity
Alstroemeria - Devotion, Wealth, Good fortune
Amaranth - Never - Fading, Immortality
Amaryllis - Beautiful, Proud, Determination
Anemone - Anticipation, Dainty
Anthurium - Hospitality
Aster - Stellar, Symbol of Love, Patience
Bells of Ireland - Good luck, Whimsy
Birds of Paradise - Magnificence
Cactus - Endurance
Calla Lily - Magnificent beauty
Carnation - Always remembered
Celosia -
Craspedia - Whimsy, Good Health
Chrysanthemum - Good Cheer
Dahlia - Dignity, Elegance, Good taste
Daisy - Innocence, Purity, Cheerfulness
Delphinium - Levity, Flight of Fancy, Attachment
Eucalyptus - Spirituality, Protection
Fern - Magic, Secret bond of love
Freesia - Innocence, Trust, Friendship
Gardenia - Purity, Sweet love, Secret love, Refinement
Gerbera - Happiness, Cheerfulness
Ginger - Strength
Gladioli - Infatuation, Strength of character
Gypsophilia - Pure of Heart, Innocence
Heather - Good luck, Protection, Admiration
Honeysuckle - Generosity
Hyacinth - Sincerity
Hydrangea - Pride
Iris - Faith, Wisdom, Valor, Promise, Hope, Friendship
Ivy - Wedded love, Fidelity, Friendship
Lavender - Acknowledgement
Liatris - Enthusiasm
Lilac - Youthful innocence, Purity, Modesty
Lily - Majesty, Youthful love, Purity
Lily Tiger - Wealth
Lily of the Valley - Return to happiness, Sweetness, Devotion

Lisianthus - Appreciation
Magnolia - Perseverance, Dignity, Strength
Mimosa - Sensitivity, Concealed love
Moss - Eternal affection
Myrtle - Love, Affection
Oleander - Seduction, Transformation, Healing
Orchid - Refined Beauty, Friendship
Peony - Happiness, Passion, Prosperity, Healing
Phlox - Our souls are united
Pine - Hope
Poinsettia - Good cheer, Success
Poppy - Pleasure, Imagination, Wealth, Fantastic Extravagance
Protea - Magic, Enchantment, Courage
Queen Anne's Lace - Sanctuary, Fantasy
Ranunculus - Radiance and Charm
Rose (lavender) - Enchantment + Love
Rose (orange) - Desirous Love
Rose (peach) - Enthusiasm Love
Rose (pink) - Grace + Love, Gratitude
Rose (red) - Passionate Love
Rose (white) - Pure Love, Innocence
Rose (yellow) - Friendship Love
Rosemary - Remembrance
Snapdragon - Grace
Solidago - Success, Encouragement
Stephanotis - Happiness in marriage
Stock - Happy life, Bonds of affection
Sunflower - Adoration, Pride, Sunshine, Longevity, Gratitude
Sweet pea - Delicate pleasure, Goodbye
Tuberose - Dangerous pleasure
Tulip (General) - Perfect lover, Romance
Tulip (red) - I love you
Tulip (variegated) - Enchantment
Tulip (white) - Forgiveness
Tulip (yellow) - Hopeless love, cheerful thoughts
Willow - Remembrance
Veronica - Fidelity
Violet - Faithfulness
Wisteria - Welcome

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