Some appreciated kind words from our clients :

Love that you are bringing back the 'meaning' of each different flower! I think we are missing the mystery and romance and grace that was once spoken in flowers. Once, flowers were not just beautiful, which indeed they are, they came wrapped with messages!

Carol Anne Burke

Thank you, Vivianna! The arrangement is absolutely gorgeous - I just got an email from Deb who totally gushed about how beautiful they are as well! Kindest regards,

Andrea Lucas, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Ontario Region, Funds Development, Senior Manager

Thank you for the lovely arrangement today! It definitely lifted my spirits. I am spending long hours at the office these days and need a little pick me up....your flower arrangements have been the perfect fix! Looking forward to more beautiful creations. Lovely meeting you too!

Michelle Berry

Women United Network - ‘The Strength of A Women’ event Vivianna, WOW so well put together, so tasteful, the detail in the cards. All of it was JUST RIGHT. Bless You it went well. Thank you the ladies were lost for words.

Monique Prince (WUN Host)

Magnificent! Something about the thought she puts into those flower arrangements. Simply breathtaking.

Angel Deen (WUN Host)

Vivianna puts heart into her work

Makini Smith (WUN Host)

THANK YOU Vivianna for supporting women's initiatives like #howshehustles, 5th anniversary celebration. Vivianna included a carefully crafted postcard that thanked me for my work with women, but included a notecard with the flowers in the arrangement and their meaning. A simple yet powerful, distinguishing detail to demonstrate that she truly has a gift. I am very grateful for your enthusiasm and I look forward to supporting your business. Ladies, I highly recommend Vivianna’s special touch. She’s been extremely professional, friendly and is growing a business to watch!

Emily Mills, Founder, sheEO, How She Hustles

Oh my gosh Viv it's absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Veronica Utton

Working with you for this special occasion was a huge relief, as you executed every detail to perfection - each request met - and each guest wowed by your arrangement. Thank you for making it such a successful experience.

P. Quattrociocchi

Attagirl! Blooms provides the best service and beautiful flower arrangements.

Leonard Franks

Beautiful flowers with meanings...what a wonderful thing Vivianna! Attagirl Blooms provides amazing floral arrangements, picking the perfect flowers according to the feelings you want to express!!! If you want to send a loved one, a friend, colleague, someone who needs cheering, or any are always appreciated!! also like receiving them! Thanks Vivianna for your amazing talent! :)

Melanie Rousseau Horber

Thanks Viv for being so awesome at what you do and for being such an incredible human being. You have a great energy about you.

Sue Sinclair