Vivianna Kouwenhoven, Owner + Designer

Imagine an exceptional moment, your special moment. One you envision with all it’s unique flourishes, one you eagerly anticipate. One that speaks to your soul and moves your spirit in profound ways. Imagine a sparkle in someone’s eye, a tingle, a molecule-pinging sensation of the most positive kind. Imagine bliss!

My name is Vivianna and my raison d’être and greatest passion lies in elevating our shared human experience with kindness, creativity, beauty, hard work and a quirky sense of humour.

Attagirl! Blooms, my enterprise, brings happiness to our world with Blooms + Event Styling.

Flowers connect us profoundly and star prominently in all life’s moments. Our lush, unique arrangements reflect your personality and expressed sentiments. Fresh blooms are selected, using the language of flowers to mirror your feelings—-adding a deeper layer of resonance to every celebration.

Stylistically, we add exquisite festive flourishes and beautiful ambiance to every celebration. Whether quietly understated or grandly extravagant, each setting reflects your personality, your brand, and always with your dream in mind. From decor, to stationery, to favours and florals, we add heart and flair to every affair.

Attagirl! offers a rich, diverse experience in floristry, events, marketing, magazine publishing and visual merchandising. Imagination, impeccable execution and an effervescent personality combine to bring your vision to life—transform life into sensory, sentimental + sensational memories.

Let’s collaborate for your bliss!